About Peridot Forte

Peridot Forte is a Human Resource Consulting Company that specialise in providing Human Resource business value to Organisations. Peridot Forte was birthed out of the passion to assist and help organisation to create a structure and frame work for their businesses thereby achieving high rate of Organisational performance, profit and business continuity.

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Our Services

Recruitment and Selection

We take the burden of recruitment off our Clients and deliver a topnotch professional service. We provide best fit and skillful talents at all levels (Entry Level, Mid-Level, Senior Level and Executive Level).

We have reliable talent pool and networks to provide the talents that are competent, cultural fit and result driven.

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Organisational Structure Development

We assist in the development of Organisational Structure which defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination, and supervision are directed toward the achievement of organizational aims. This frame-work assists and fosters business continuity.

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We provide Outsourcing services and ease you burden of Human Capital Management. We offer complete outsourcing of Human Capital Management. This includes recruitment, onboarding and Induction, Compensation and Benefits management.

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